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KN-Q7A SSB Transceiver Kit


A popular 80/75m or 40m or 20m single band SSB transceiver kit designed by BA6BF. 10 watts PEP output (5 watts PEP for 20m). Sensitive and selective receiver due to 6-pole IF crystal filters. Multiple frequency options and can be adjusted to wider coverage. Rigid metal case included. Ideal for SOTA and backpackers. The assembled kit is as shown on the left.

Widely introduced by CQ Amateur Radio magazine in US, CQ Ham Radio magazine in Japan, RadCom magazine in UK, Amateur Radio magazine in Australia, and some other brief introductions in other countries since 2012.

Compatible with ICOM HM-36 electret microphone.

eHam product review average rating 4.9/5.0

manual for PCB V2.2, including schematics and partlist for 80/75/40/20m

Out of stock now, check my distributors worldwide. Thinking of an upgrade, but still in thinking phase

R3500D ARDF Receiver Kit


R3500D is the upgraded version of the well known PJ-80 80m direction finding direct conversion receiver kit. 3500~3600 kHz coverage. Color is random.

R3500D English manual including part list, modification instruction to 40-meter band and photo of the PCB assembly

YouTube video on step by step kit building

Note that the LO frequency is at half of the working frequency. It is by design, no worries.

Unit Price: 30 USD. Shipping and Handling: 8 USD.

R3500D ARDF Receiver (Assembled)


R3500D is the upgraded version of PJ-80 assembled receiver. 3500~3600 kHz coverage. Color is random.


Unit Price: 39 USD. Shipping and Handling: 8 USD.

CRK-10A CW Transceiver Kit


A credit card size 40m or 30m CW transceiver kit designed by BD4RG. 3 watts output for 40m band or 2 watts output for 30m band. Same built-in keyer as HB-1A or HB-1B. Multiple frequency options. The assembled kit is shown on the left.

eHam product review average rating 5.0/5.0

manual including part list


Unit Price: 55 USD. Shipping and Handling: 5 USD.

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